Bishop Noel Jones


Yep! You read right. Bishop Noel Jones graced the altar of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly for two days. I told you this church called COZA had gone all out with the caliber of preachers gracing its altar.

Before now I had no idea who Bishop Noel Jones was. What a big shame, seeing now as he is one of the finest preachers I have ever heard. How somebody can weave the message of truth with such dexterity still amazes me.

Today I’m not gonna tell about the service, I’m gonna tell about the message he preached on days 10 and 11, what a way to round off the Days of Glory. You see the God who delivered you yesterday is the God who will deliver you tomorrow. God lets your situation move from difficult, to impossible, and then, to a miracle. He wants to speak to you in a situation where there is no doubt that it was Him.

This was my favorite quote of the night; “Peter didn’t walk on water, he walked on the word of God; When he doubted God’s word, he began to sink” That was deep, I had never thought about it like that. Even when things are getting worse, don’t doubt God’s word. Be convinced God is working things out. Sometimes the situation is just God’s set up for a miracle or a blessing.

The message on Day 11 was prophetic. You may want to prophesy into your life that the only thing you’ll be guilty of in 2014 is Having Favour. You need to however decide on a few things. Don’t let other people determine who you are! If you let other people determine who you are and determine your value then you will let them limit you from being free to be who God wants you to be. God is only pleased when you realize your full potential. Whenever you meet God, He takes you from the limitations of the person that you are to the possibilities of who you can become.

Newflash! If you don’t have any haters you are not doing very much. When God has His hand on you, somebody will despise it. The only thing wrong with you should be that you understand the essence of a relationship with God like Daniel

Is the god you serve able to deliver you? Our God is able; He is the King of the Jews, the King of Glory and the Lord of lords, God is the only one qualified enough to be the all sufficient Saviour.

The only thing wrong with you should be favour. You should be guilty of having favour. If people don’t like you now, they need to wait till the end of 2014.

12DG is wrapping up, and I think I’m really going to miss the word, the worship, the great men of God and the revelations. I’ll save the farewell speech till after Day 12.

Thank you for following.

12DG 2014 – Come let us Pray

(All images courtesy COZA Nigeria’s Facebook Page)


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